'Good Riddance'

'Sweet Home Alabama'

Bass Line Progressions

12-bar Shuffle in 'A'

Alt Texas Rhythm 

Rhy Prog 3 - Flamenco Rhy

Rhy Prog 7 - E Shuffle

Blues Rock Soloing  8

Blues Rock Soloing  9

Rhy Prog 8 - Flamenco Rhythm 'Dm'

Rhy Prog 9 - Flamenco in 'Gm'

'The Man Who Sold the World'

Silent Night

'Wish You Were Here'




Texas-style Rhythm


Blues Riffs 7

Blues Riffs 8

Blues Riffs 9

'E' Shuffle Rhythm

Dust In the Wind

Basic Fingerpicking

Basic Chords 1

Basic Chords 2

Sweet Home Alabama - Basic

Basic Chords 2

Nat Min Scale 1

Good Riddance

Power Chords

Brown-Eyed Girl

Relative Keys

Blues Riffs 1

Blues Riffs 2

Blues Riffs 3

Blues Riffs 4

'A Horse with No Name'

Blues Variations

'Girl from Ipanema'

Feliz Navidad

'Rockin Around the
Christmas Tree''

O Holy Night

Minor Chords

Minor Scale - Keys

'Wish You Were Here' -complete

Minor Scale 3

Minor Scale 5

Minor Scale 4

Minor Scale 6

Holidays - Rudolph the

Red-nosed Reindeer

Moveable Blues Shuffle 1

Moveable Blues Shuffle 2

Pentatonic Major Box Pattern

The Pentatonic Major Riff

Pentatonic Major Root Notes

Major Scale 1

Major Scale 3 Riff

Major Scale 5 Root Notes

Stairway to Heaven [1]

Stairway to Heaven [2]

Stairway to Heaven [3]

Stairway to Heaven [4]

Blues Riffs 5

Blues Riffs 6

House of Rising Sun

Silent Night Lyrics

Moveable Minor Chords

Minor Chord Voicings

Barre Chords

Minor Keys Songwriting

smells like teen spirit 1

smells like teen spirit 2

take it easy

space oddity

day tripper