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It pays to learn from an experienced and professional guitar instructor.  For more info on Kevin Paluzzi, go to the Learn From A Pro section. Here's additional info for online guitar lessons:​​​​​​​​​ ​


Professionally Designed Visual Aids -​ Over 400 lesson guitar pages in pdf format, ranging from beginner to advanced music theory, as well a professionally desinged guitar tabs for hundreds of the most requested guitar songs.  Lesson plans are emailed with each guitar lesson and can also be viewed on screen during each lesson.


Audio Tracks - Students have access to over 100 online audio tracks to review various songs, riffs, and rhythm tracks for each guitar lesson. 


Learn From An Author - Along with online guitar instruction, students will also have the Creative Guitarist book series as a reference for lessons.  Many students find having written materials extremely helpful when practicing, and having direct commuication with the author of your lesson book couldn't be a better reference!

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