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The Creative Guitarist:  Vol. 1 

Guitar Instruction Books

Volume One of the Creative Guitarist book series establishes a foundation of guitar fundamentals for beginner guitarists by applying various playing techniques (fingerstyle, rhythm, and soloing) to various styles of music.  Music theory essentials (songwriting, improvisation, etc.) are also featured, which will help aspiring guitarists become more self-sufficient in teaching themselves, communicating with other musicians, and in writing their own music.


‘Pick and Choose’ Format  Over 75 professionally-designed lessons arranged with a level-to-level approach for each chapter.  The ‘Pick and Choose’ format of this book provides the options to focus either on a specific topic (songwriting, soloing, etc.), or choose a more-general approach by learning a combination of musical styles. 


Added Features  Practice along with lessons on your PC or smartphone with online audio tracks.  All songs and progressions include accompanying ‘Performance Notes’, which provide a detailed, step-by-step approach to learning each arrangement. Additional chapters include guitar maintenance, guitar construction, and how to purchase new and used guitars.  Also an excellent resource for instructors who want to provide their students with an organized yet flexible program of guitar instruction. 

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